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Check out our positions below!

Instrument INstructor

This position requires some background knowledge of the instrument. For 5 days, instrument instructors will introduce and teach the basics of their chosen instruments. We offer bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, and vocals. Each instructor will meet with up to 5 campers for an hour a day.

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Camp Therapist

Band Coach

Band coaches will work with 4 campers (ideally one drummer, one bassist, one guitarist, and one vocalist) to name the band, write and perform a song, and ensure all voices of the band are heard. 

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Camp Therapist

Workshop Leader

Workshop leaders will present a workshop for all of the campers to participate in for one hour. Workshops can cover a wide range of topics.

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Camp Therapist


We always need as many folx as we can get to move all the equipment camp includes. Roadies will help at the beginning of camp (set up) and the end of camp (take down). 


Camp Therapist

camp cook

Camp cooks are in charge of preparing two meals a day (breakfast and lunch). Rock the Rez provides all food, the venue provides the kitchen. 


Camp Therapist

camp Photographer

Camp photographers are tasked with documenting our camp and taking pictures for each band. Photographers will need to provide their own equipment.


Camp Therapist

Want to volunteer with us?

Camp therapist

We are seeking a licensed therapist for this position. Therapists will work with campers through out the week of camp. This includes morning check ins, eating meals with campers, and being available if a camper needs a moment to process. 

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