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Wopila Tanka!


Camp 2023 was a success! Thank you to our amazing VOLUNTEERS (workshop leaders and instrument instructors!) our board, campers, camper's families, Ground Control, Isanti, Carrion Crawlers, Juliana Brown Eyes, Cranston Joel, Tatanka Wings, AuntTeas and all who helped with our Pine Ridge show. Maria Cree and all who helped with the Minot Fundraiser show. Renee O'Brien, and all who donated for her birthday online and otherwise. Finally, a huge thanks to Pine Ridge Girls School for hosting us for another year of camp!

Special thanks to all who attended our fundraiser shows and Conscious Alliance for donating the bulk of this year's instruments. We also want to thank all who have supported us monetarily throughout the year:

Marlo Kapsa, David and Laraine Conway, Lorraine Whitley, Lorna Her Many Horses, Marjorie and Larry Brennan, Rachel Palmer, Christine Malloy, James Howard, Barbara Hechtner, Donald Otis, Megan Schmidt, Chris Brown, Daniel Johnson, Renee O'Brien, Catherine Rupprecht, Eltina ThreeStars, Stephanie Edelman, Daun Fields, and many anonymous donors.       

Linda Hayek, Teresa Lynch, Marilyn Trefz, John Tunakan, Teresa Lynch, Roselyn Volkmer, Katie Greening, Sarah Aleshire, Mary L Fitzsimmons, Stacy Gravning, Amy Oelsner, Abby Vreugdenhil, Elizabeth Baquet, Sunrise Tarot, Headlights Theater, Amber Hansen, Ben Sherman, Madeline Ortego, Kathryn Russell, Alisa Mazur, Susan Williams, Samantha Chapman, Savannah Day, Katherine Briggs, Lucy Bonner, Daun Fields, Connie Kollasch, Gina Durfee, Angella Erickson, and Christie Kennelly.     

Tia Krabbenhoft, Mary Lee Brock, Jacqueline Keller, Natasa Simic, Susan M Calef, Joyce Glenn, Mary Bestenlehner, Mary McDonald, Rose Marie Basque, Frances Filipi, Ann Cole, Mary J Chamberlain, Jake Thomas, Mary Grieser, Robert Peters, Jen Jones, Margaret Hoarty, Catherine Pedersen, Debora Boyle-Borkowski, Colleen Ciciulla, Meaghan Loos-Becht, , Von Marie Moore, Katy Foster, Rhett Clay, Robert Hamilton, Heidi Bennett, Tynan O'Brien, Debbie Matson, Patricia Lawrence, Skyler Cafferata, and Molly James.     

With out all of you, camp would not be possible, Rock The Rez thanks you for your continued support!

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